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  Prayer Awareness Jewelry Pray For Japan
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Pray for those suffering by Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami. In times of spiritual need, we all lean towards prayer and these special jewelry items featured aim to please. And we cry for mercy for Japan. Mercy, Father. Not for what they or we deserve. But mercy.

Show your support for Japan by wearing this awareness bracelet.

Made of Solid 925 Sterling Silver this Pray For Japan bracelet is worn to show support for Japan during their time of need due to the latest earthquake and tsunami disaster. Give the perfect unique jewelry gift that will last forever and show awareness with this Solid Silver Pray For Japan Bracelet! In times of personal need for help this Prayer bracelet will be a reminder! These bracelets have been very popular in showing your support for Japan and letting everyone know they should Pray For Japan.


1. Tried and true

During a crisis, many well-meaning, and even a few not so well-intended, organizations spring up to help.  Although hearts may be in the right place, on-the-ground personnel, relationships, infrastructure and funding may not exist to make a meaningful difference to those in need.  When in doubt, donate your money, time or other assets to well-established organizations that can turn your donation into the greatest possible good in the least amount of time.  National Philanthropic Trust vets organizations on an on-going basis for their philanthropist clients.  CNN also hosts a page, Impact Your World, with a great round up of breaking news, tips and organizations.

2. Give what is most needed

While all contributions are appreciated, think of what an organization facing a crisis would most need.  Many times, shipments of tangible goods can create logistical issues, and perishable goods wonft survive shipping times.  When possible, donate cash so that relief organizations can fund immediate needs quickly.

Japan Video
Japan Earthquake
Japan Earthquake Map (time lapse)
Radioactive materials 10-million-times normal levels in water at the No.2 reactor complex of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant NHK News. Japan disaster: over 25,000 dead or missing. Radioactive iodine has been detected in Tokyo tap water in levels above the safe limit for infants. NHK News. Number of dead, missing from quake tops 21,000 NHK News. Rescue and recovery efforts after the nuclear disaster in Japan are being stymied by a nearly overwhelming array of obstacles, as government and aid groups struggle with the physical devastation of last week's earthquake and tsunami, the specter of radiation dangers and harsh weather conditions. "The huge challenge for the aid workers on the ground is just the operating conditions they are dealing with," said Kirsten Mildren, a spokeswoman for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "Search and rescue workers are saying they've never seen anything like this." Mildren said the tsunami that followed last week's magnitude 9.0 earthquake "took everything in its path. c The level of destruction is just monumental and you've still got flooded areas, and now on top of that you've got this rain and this snow." The need in Japan is extreme, the United Nations reported. The 450,000 refugees crowded into 2,444 shelters don't begin to tell the story: About 1.6 million households are without water in 12 prefectures. Temperatures are below freezing in much of the area. Anxiety is rising over radiation leaks from the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactors. From MSNBC

Thank You For Praying

Personal Note! We just wanted to take a minute to thank all those writing in sharing your personal prayers for Japan. As the death toll and scope destruction seems to be mounting there is though a strong sense of unity among believers on a global basis in an outpouring of love for Japan and the precious people here. The Heavenly Father hears and answers the prayers of His children. Japan will have revival and even though tragedy millions will recognize that God is Love! _‚͈¤‚Å‚·!

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