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Caring For Your Diamond

For all the beauty and complexity of well-cut diamonds, they are the simplest of gemstones in the chemical sense - pure carbon, the same as the graphite in a pencil. Diamonds are formed under intense heat and pressure deep within the earth and are forced to the surface by geological events. They are harder than any other material on earth and can be cut only by other diamonds. Their hardness and other special qualities - such as how they refract light - allow them to be cut into the amazing gems we know today.

Even though diamonds are very durable, they require special care to keep them looking their best. We recommend that you have your diamonds cleaned professionally on a regular basis. You can also use a mild ammonia and water solution with a soft-bristled, non-metallic brush to gently scrub away dirt buildup around the prongs. However, avoid ultrasonic cleaners if your stone has a serious crack or inclusion. The vibrations of ultrasonic cleaners can enlarge such flaws.

When you have your jewelry cleaned, ask the jeweler to check the settings to be sure all stones are secure. If a stone is loose, have it repaired immediately. Also avoid setting diamonds in very soft metals like 24K gold, which bends easily.

Store your diamonds separately from other jewelry. Diamonds can scratch other gemstones, especially pearls, as well as other diamonds.

When wearing your diamond it is very important that you are mindful of its care. Though diamonds are very durable, a hard blow could chip the stone. We recommend that you avoid wearing your diamond while doing housework, yard work, or any other rough work. Also, avoid allowing your diamond to come into contact with bleach (and other harsh cleansers), or hairspray, which can cause buildup that dulls the surface of the diamond. If you notice that one of the stones in your setting is loose, discontinue wearing it, and take it to a professional jeweler for repair.

Storing Your Diamond

When not wearing your diamond, we recommend that you store it in a fabric-lined case with dividers to separate your various pieces of jewelry, or a soft cloth pouch. This will help prevent your diamonds from scratching each other or your other pieces of jewelry.

Cleaning Your Diamond
Over time a film may develop over your jewelry. The oils in your skin, the beauty products you use, even household cleaners, can cause this buildup. By periodically cleaning your jewelry, you will be able to maximize it's brilliance and its beauty.

We suggest a cleaning solution of one part ammonia to six parts water. Gently scrub the diamond and its setting with a soft-bristle brush, taking care not to scratch the metal of the setting. This periodic cleaning should greatly increase the brilliance of your diamond. However, we do recommend that you take your diamond into a professional jeweler once a year to have it cleaned and to have the security of its setting inspected.

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