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Mens Chain Length Chart

I have no idea what to buy. What styles are popular for men?
What size chain should I buy? How thick should it be?

mens chain length chart

Short Answer:
A 22-24" Marine, Cuban, or Figaro Chain at a 9 MM thickness is a solid look, and would look great on virtually any guy!

Long Answer:
The thickness and length of mens chains depends on the size (height & girth) of the man, as well as his personal preference in style. There are a few things you should know before buying a chain for yourself or as a gift.

Most Popular Mens Chain Styles:
These styles are not only our best sellers, but they have been traditional best sellers around the world for decades. Chains never go out of style, so you don't have to worry about current fads.




Find out his neck size. You can do this easily by taking a look at one of his shirts. If his neck size is 17, the absolute shortest length you should buy is a 20" chain, but most guys prefer a 22" chain, which should be a few inches below his collarbone. We recommend a 22" chain at the very minimum for the average guy.

Chains with pendants on them will hang a little lower, as the pendant will pull the chain down a bit.

mens neck size for chains
This depends on personal preference, but a 5 MM chain is the suggested minimum for chains being worn alone. The ideal thickness for a mens chain is about 9 MM. If you're wearing it with a pendant, you can go a little smaller, as the focus is on the pendant, not the chain. We suggest at least 3 MM for chains being worn with pendants.



1.6 1/16
3.2 1/8
4.8 3/16
6.3 1/4 
7.9 5/16
9.5 3/8
11.1 7/16
12.7 1/2
14.3 9/16
15.9 5/8
17.5 11/16
19.0 3/4
20.6 13/16
22.2 7/8
23.8 15/16
25.4 1
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